Why do you carry that thing (everywhere you go)?
Installation, film, performance

“Why do you carry that thing (everywhere you go)?” is an exploration of intimacy, masculinity, memory, desire and all the things we carry around.

The first part of the project took place as an installation and film at the exhibition space Heerz Tooya in Bulgaria.

The second part of the project is a performance, that is currently in proces, made in collaboration with Paolo Venecia de Gile and Alen Nsambu. A work-in-progres version was shown at Ladder Space in Copenhagen and will later be developed at Inter Arts Center in Malmö.

Heerz Tooya, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, September, 2022
Ladder Space, Copenhagen, November, 2022
Inter Arts Center 2023

Supported by The Danish Art Foundation and Nordisk Kulturfond