The Wide-Mouthed Frog

In the performance “The Wide-Mouthed Frog” we meet a frog trying to perform a striptease routine for the director of an art hall, but midways it has a breakdown and starts ranting about the struggles of being a frog and and artist in a post-capitalist society. It’s a story about performance art and experience economy, loneliness and capitalism, fetischisation, frogs and sex.

The performance was developed for the opening of CPH Art Week, 2022.

“…And as you know in the art world often they can’t offer you money, but they can offer you a lot of exposure! Too bad the only thing I got exposed to was gonorrhea…

Sorry am I using that word correctly? Exposure? I think the word I was looking for was… Exploitation? Sorry I always mix up the two of them...”

Duration: 20 min (Watch an excerpt here or send a mail to request the full lenght video)

Nikolaj Kunsthal, CPH Art Week, June 2022.

Arken Museum for Contemporary Art, November, 2023.