Searching for Nigel
Film, installation
Searching for Nigel is a film about love and distance, humans and animals, lost carrier pigeons and messages left on read. It’s a story about how a boy fell in love with a bird and how a bird fell in love with a statue.

The film circles around Nigel, the gannet who fell in love with a concrete bird made by a group of scientists on Mana Island. In a mix between a missing people documentary and a romcom, fact and fiction blends as we meet different people connected to Nigel, all asking the same question: Why did he leave us?

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Marseille, MANIFESTA, group show curated by The Winter Office, november 2020. Villa Kultur, Copenhagen, “Searching for Nigel”, March 2021. Supported by Snabslanten and Det Obelske Familiefond.