PHANTOM ROOTS - an audio guide and performance for two people

Step 1: Borrow a piece of headphones from the museum guide or use your own and just imagine the potted plant on your head.

Step 2: Connect the headphones to your phones via bluetooth. Press the On-button and hold it until the headphones light up and turn on. Find the headphones in your bluetooth devices. Connect one pair of headphones at a time, to avoid connecting to the same pair.

Step 3: Choose which one of you gets to play THE FIRST and who plays THE NINTH. If you can’t decide, the one who feels most at home picks THE FIRST.

Step 4: Scroll to your to your chosen character. The audio tracks for THE FIRST is just below these instructions. If you are THE NINTH, scroll a little further.

Step 4: Find the first spot outside by Palævej 9. On the other side of the small road a watering can is hanging from a tree. Next to it there is a sign that says 1 (if you can’t find it ask the staff for directions). Play track number 1. When you get to sign number 2, play track number 2 and continue like that... Try to start the tracks at the same time as your partner to synchronize the experience.


THE FIRST starts here (if you are THE NINTH scroll a little further):

THE NINTH, these audio files below are your tracks (if you are THE FIRST scroll back up):