PHANTOM ROOTS - an audio guide and performance for two people

Step 1: Borrow a piece of headphones from the house that looks like a ship.

Step 2: Connect the headphones to your phones via bluetooth. Press the On-button and hold it until the headphones light up and turn on. Find the headphones in your bluetooth devices. Connect one pair of headphones at a time, to avoid connecting to the same pair.

Step 3: Choose which one of you gets to play THE FIRST and who plays THE NINTH. If you can’t decide, the one who feels most at home picks THE FIRST.

Step 4: Find the first stop in the small greenhouse next to the road. Ask one of the hosts for directions if you’re not sure where it is. In the greenhouse there is a sign that says 1. Play track number 1. When you get to sign number 2, play track number 2 and continue like that... Try to start the tracks at the same time as your partner to synchronize the experience.

Step 5: Scroll to your to your chosen character. The audio tracks for THE FIRST is just below these instructions. If you are THE NINTH, scroll a little further.


THE FIRST starts here (if you are THE NINTH scroll a little further):

THE NINTH, these audio files below are your tracks (if you are THE FIRST scroll back up):