Bed made to look like body
Installation, performance, sound piece

Bed Made to Look Like Body is a performance in the form of a monologue. We follow a person sitting in a hotel room waiting for a date. The waiting person has turned off their phone so that the other person cannot call and cancel. As time goes by, we experience the waiting person’s anxious thoughts, inner monologues and attempt to kill time while the light changes and day turns into night.

When there is no performance, the visitor can experience the work as a sound installation. In this version of the monologue, the ”I” of the work changes into a “you” so that the listener now becomes the waiting person, listening to the sound of their own thoughts told by the objects in the hotel room.

The work was made on the occassion of Nikolaj Kunsthal’s 40 years anniversary show where they invited me to respond to the film Tango (1981) by Zbigniew Rybczyński. The installation is constructed as a stage setting that integrates Rybczyński’sTango  and enters into a dialogue with it through its study of vulnerability, loneliness and dissolution of time.

The title of the work is borrowed from Maggie Nelson’s poem Wheels from her collection of poems Shiner.

Nikolaj Kunsthal, 2021
“Klubb Ergi”, Ergi.XYZ, 2021
Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, 2022

The carpet at Nikolaj Kunsthal was sponsored by Billeskov

The performance at Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb was supported by The Danish Art Foundation