“BUNK” is a work about sleeplessness, isolation and loneliness - and about waiting for something to happen, but not being completely sure what you're actually waiting for. We follow three characters during a series of sleepless nights. They can't see or hear each other and spend the nights performing different routines, talking to themselves and trying to make time pass.

The scenography consists of a series of deconstructed bunk beds, that the characters use to build new realities and escapes: a rope made from a blanket or a blue duvet cover turned into a swimming pool. Sexual fantasies and travel dreams mix with anxious thoughts and childhood memories somewhere between sleep and consciousness. It's a story about being overstimulated and feeling nothing, about time freezing and time flying, about fake tears and tears hidden behind hands, sweaters or pillows.

The performance was developed in collaboration with the three dancers and choreographers: Kai Merke, Andreas Haglund and Denise Lim during a residency at Hollufgård Gæsteatelier.

Hollufgård Gæsteatelier, Odense, May, 2022

Supported by The Danish Art Foundation, Det Obelske Familiefond and Odense Kommune, Kulturpuljen.