Searching for Nigel
Film, installation
Searching for Nigel is a film about love and distance, humans and animals, lost carrier pigeons and messages left on read. It’s a story about how a boy falls in love with a bird and how a bird falls in love with a statue.

The film takes its starting point in the story about Nigel, the lonely gannet who fell in love with a concrete bird made by a group of scientists on Mana Island in 2017. In a mix between a missing people documentary and a romcom, fact and fiction are blended as we meet different people connected to Nigel, all asking the same question: Why did he leave us?

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Work in progress, 2020

Tæt, lukket: Museum (”Close, closed: Museum”)
Tæt, lukket: Museum is a participatory play for two participants that took place in the public space of Copenhagen during lockdown.

Two people meet at a museum, but realize at their arrival that the museum is closed.

A: And there are four people and they are naked, but not in a sexy way, more in a I’m-making-scrambled-eggs-and-I-don’t-bother-to-put-on-clothes kind of way. Or they are not completely naked. One of them is wearing a little crown that looks like a moon.

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May, 2020

My cherry lips have often kissed thy stones   
What can a talking wall teach us about love?

My cherry lips have often kissed thy stones is a monologue revolving around the character Wall from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s a story about how to become a wall, about the lovers who are separated by the wall and about what the wall has to say in this network of bodies and objects. It’s a hybrid between a lecture, a lip sync and a play on walls and humans, on Eros and glory holes and on holding a brick in your hand and declaring that you are a wall.

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“Mellemting mellem ting”, festival at Den Frie, Copenhagen, November 2019

Between faces
Installation, performance
Between faces is a nonverbal play that takes place between two people communicating through a window

Before the play starts, A climbs up the windowsill and B walks outside. The scripts are on each side of the window. In the windowsill is a spray and cloth. The play takes from a couple of minutes to infinity to play through.

“This way”, group exhibition on communication, transport and infrastructure at DELFI, Malmö, 2019