The walls have ears and the pillars won't stop talking


Soap, nail files, pumice stones


Site-specific installation at Palazzo Monti





come closer

 (the palazzo whispers at the resident)

come, caress my fine ornaments


b-but these are not -


see these fine drapings?  I’m actually from a noble family,


 (the palazzo closes its eyes and nods its head)


   (the resident to the fourth wall: but the house has a more honest side I know)


I really like these holes


don’t touch them


no they’re beautiful


 (the palazzo blushes)


I don’t know - they’ve always been there


you have very beautiful eyebrows as well




 (the palazzo stares at its feet)


they had a wedding here you know… they gave me a big makeover

you should have seen me back hen

I felt … I felt lighter than ever


 (the palazzo looks up in the sky, painted on the ceiling)


some people say you look orange,

but I think it’s easy to see that you are golden


thank you - but you are too kind




yes you are



have you seen my bathroom? I’m not who I used to be

I’m falling apart - I’m taped together with fake rokoko-styled stucco moulding tape, I’m, I -


 (the palazzo hides its head in its hands)


stop… don’t be so hard on yourself


don’t you understand? today everyone sees through my trompe l’oeil?

they don’t even remember the name of the young man who painted my ceilings


I’m sure they do care about you


 (the palazzo sobs)


all my friends abandoned me:

“oh so you’re seeing this moretto-school guy?

oh so he’s painting your ceilings?”

they didn’t care as much about their outer appearances as me

- we were 13th century kids after all -

but … (sighs) who am I talking to a young man as you about this