Act 1079: Mother Internet looked concerned at her two twin sons playing on the kitchen floor. One of them was a creature without organs, a parasite, living off the bodies of others. She had tried to starve him, but he had sought nurture in other places. Now he was back and she was trying to forgive him for his mean nature. But now the other one, whom she had always thought creative and curious, a child of the democracy, had proven to be a devil hidden in plain sight. She remembered the postcards he had made her, funny photos with bold text on. They had seemed so innocent. She had been so naïve. What she mistook for creative rhetorical tools, had turned out to be the denaturing of meaning itself. What she had found only vaguely “subversive” was cruelly grinding meaning into paste. She did not know her sons anymore. These pixelated hearts and laughing, crying

faces they sent her - these preset emotional states they used. A cruel standardization of human experience was what it was. She knew that we are only representations, but was it too much to ask her sons to be, at least, a little presentable. Surrounded by disembodied signifiers she looked at her offspring innocently rolling a ball across the checkered tiles.

But a glass of milk is still a glass of milk right?

Act 1079

Scene, attributes



Site-specific installation for the group exhibition "Don't feed the trolls" at Salon 75