“A house for three voices” is a participatory play. The play can be activated when you are three people present. If you are by yourself, try to get another two people to join you. Each drywall represents one of the three characters: The House, The Resident and The Narrator. Divide the characters between you, and stand behind your chosen characters. You can divide them anyway you like, but an idea could be to choose them according to your height and/or your sight (the House’s script has the biggest font and the Narrator’s script has the smallest font). On the back of each character are your scripts. When everyone is ready, you are free to start the play. Your individual lines are highlighted in each script. You are free to interpret the stage directions as you like. The play takes approximately 15 minutes.


A house for three voices


Installation, performance






For full script and video documentation, send me a mail at: filipvest (at) gmail.com